Spyware listening devices

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Bugs and voice recorders

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You can also check your clothes and your bags for things like GPS-tracking bugs this way. Some devices show a visual graph of activity, while others make a sound that gets louder as you get closer to an RF-emitting source.

Anything broadcasting a radio signal will pop up. Commercial bugs usually fall in the 10 MHz to 8 MHz range, but some sweeping devices look at 10 hertz all the way to 24 GHz.

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Reliable instruments that can scan a broad RF range cost hundreds of dollars, but depending on your situation you could opt for cheaper models. And, if you're really worried that you'll miss a bug that you know is somewhere in the room, you can use a white noise machine—or a white noise app on your smartphone—or audio jammer to stymie prying ears. Some bugs obfuscate their radio frequencies altogether, or might happen to be powered off during your sweep.

Voice Amplifiers / Long Range Listening Devices

To identify those, use a device called a "nonlinear junction detector," which helps sniff out semiconductor electronics. Benign objects—even a nail in a wall—can create false positives, though, so carefully vet whatever turns up.

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  7. Remember, too, that snoops aren't just listening; sometimes they watch as well. You can also use IR and visible light emitters even a flashlight to scan for the glint of camera lenses reflecting light back. Bugs always need a way to deliver the data they're gathering to their owners, so deep bug sweeps should go beyond regular electronics detection to scan for laser beam and microwave transmission setups.

    These rigs can encode and send data out of a room to an attacker without using traditional methods.

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    Radiofrequency scanners with a wide enough range check for microwaves, and many general-purpose antisurveillance tools feature laser-detection modes. Sweeps also shouldn't be one-off occasions. Record your results, especially if you don't find anything suspicious, so you can establish a baseline that will help you compare readings over time and detect anomalies down the road.

    It takes Jim Hopper from Stranger Things a long time to tear his house apart looking for government bugs spoiler: the mic is in an overhead light. And that's in , when there weren't a lot of electronics to check. If the process seems daunting or too pricey to undertake alone, there are always professional services who can sweep for you. There's a lot you can do yourself, though, before things get too expensive and complicated. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser.

    Listening Devices & Audio Recording Equipment

    This category showcases a select range of self-contained, portable battery powered, and static mains powered audio surveillance solutions for use in most room environments. Audio listening has evolved since the 's when the most popular types of listening devices used UHF technology Ultra High Frequency to transmit crystal controlled signals from a miniaturised transmitter to hand held receiver up to meters away.

    However, such devices today have evolved to using standard GSM channels which not only produces excellent listening quality but is not restricted to distance limitation. The listening devices category showcases a range of self-contained, portable battery powered, and mains powered secret audio surveillance solutions for use in almost any room environment. Covert audio listening devices have evolved considerably over the years, the most popular method of listening from a distance was via UHF technology Ultra High Frequency which is transmitting crystal controlled signals from audio device to a hand held receiver some short distance away.


    The upshot of such equipment is the extremely small size and exceptional listening quality, however, a broadcasting license is mandatory to operate. This forced the technology to move forward and utilise a newer, better form of eavesdropping transmission compliments of the GSM networks.

    To the present day, the reliable form of audio monitoring is using GSM based, spy listening technology whereby the sound quality is truly excellent and without the range restrictions in comparison to UHF. The additional benefit of these devices is the full functionality of use too.