Spy mobile phones in pakistan

Standard Chartered in Pakistan is ones such bank which has to file these reports to FinCen as a day-end procedure.

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Even if they spy on our call and SMS and data, so what? Why should a lamer be concerned about that? Do you have curtains in your house? Are you doing anything wrong in your house? If not, why do you need curtains?

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Never replied or posted a reply here before, but will do so now. I was interning in in karachi with a US based IT company, in their international internet helpdesk. This was an order from them, implying in legal language that if we did not reply and comply soon, the ISP license would be revoked. Do you realize how incredibly stupid this claim is? There are millions of networking devices all over the world. Do you think all of them are intercepted by NSA? Now about Pakistan; I stand by my point that such interception requires physical access. Its not a hollywood movie where a person sitting behind a computer clicks a button and types random code to access your telephone call in Pentagon.

My point being; stop believing in propaganda from all sides. Do some research before you believe in these things. Seriously, anyone who thinks arstechnica is a tinfoil site and unreliable and pro-conspiracy is… untrustable. That, also, had to do with lawful intercept being activated. How was that enabled and not noticed for so long?

Come on dude, really???

Spy mobile in pakistan

They are working for jews, and jews are doing this effort to make anti christ Dajjal hands strong. They will be safe from this fitna.

Oh shut up. You are so mentally weak you think Jews can do everything and you can do nothing and you are powerless. Attitude is important, and your attitude is that you have lost. God has a system of angels to keep tab on our activities and maintain discipline. How do you expect governments to nab criminals and wrong doers in this age of technology. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab.

After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Aamir Attaa. Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani. Is this moral? If you still think NSA has anything to do with morals, laws or ethics. I have bad news for you. It is, but that never stopped them from spying on US citizens.


Spy mobile phones in pakistan

Let alone Pakistani citizens. Against US law to spy on US citizens. Not illegal to spy on everyone else. Completely agreed with you. They have already had to change their crypto once in Say no to Telegram.

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Almost impossible. So it is not just a one-sided attack from NSA, other governments are getting into it as well. I wonder how would officials of NSA react on Pakistani late night calls ;. Nothing new to say about this.

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Fuck you NSA. Hope you are reading this! Not afraid of ya. I repeat: ZERO.

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So very strange. Could it because there is no evidence? It is my opinion that you are useless. Prove me wrong: show me evidence.

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The anti-terror squad had been tipped off to the terror-funding operation by police in Indore. Balram Singh, a former Bajrang Dal leader, and his associates allegedly got up to 10 per cent commission for every transaction. He was also among 15 men arrested in February in connection with a spying ring involving China-made SIM-boxes, and was released on bail last year. The three men have been booked for collecting arms and concealing information with intent to facilitate the waging of war against India.

The country scored low on 10 of 11 parameters to detect and contain terror financing and money laundering. Pakistan must now focus on avoiding being blacklisted in October, when the FATF's month deadline ends. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and Instagram for latest news and live news updates. Home All India.